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For Alcoholics In Recovery
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Welcome to this website
On this home page I'll try to provide a useful means to interact with alcoholics or those who have one in their lives. I sincerely hope it pleases those who come to visit.  Art F.

There are thousands of us out there in fact millions trying to achieve sobriety and to hold onto it. There are so many A.A. Groups why have I chosen to stay at the 2x4? The answer is simple; we genuinely care about each other and share the pain as well as the good times. If I need help I just have to ask. In fact there are those who don't wait to be asked they offer. God Bless them!



If you have been to an A.A. Meeting,  you know  members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Alcoholics Anonymous and how you too can join us in recovery. The door remains open until the last person decides to leave and many a night the meeting goes on outside and spills into the coffee shops. No one need be alone anymore.

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