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What is Our Purpose
For Alcoholics In Recovery

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Our PRIMARY PURPOSE is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.

Our Purpose

The group I belong to is a Closed Discussion Group. 
The purpose of any closed discussion group is to increase awareness of the Twelve Steps as a program of RECOVERY. Our group is truly blessed with new members joining us which helps us to grow and expand, bringing fresh ideas and input. There is also a lot of fun while working on our sobriety.  By developing relationships and friendships, our group has/will become even stronger. The secret of knowing what your group has to offer is to get involved. This is where you get the stepping stone into further A.A. Service.

Thank You So Very Much

My sincerest Gratitude to the volunteers who faithfully accept responsibility in opening up, setting up, cleaning up and closing up after our meetings. In addition, hat's off to the good folks who join us on Tuesday Nights at the 2x4 meeting. Some are so faithful and regular we call them our own.

Disclaimer: The wording, comments and opinions on this site are not those of Alcoholics Anonymous but are my humble attempts to express my gratitude to this God given program.Art F.