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The Beamsville 2x4 Step Discussion Group Founding
For Alcoholics In Recovery

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The 2x4 is Born

The Beamsville 2x4 STEP Closed Discussion Group Founded January 5,1988


The 2x4 Group was founded because there wasn't a meeting in the immediate area on Tuesday night.


The Hub Group in Smithville had to move their meeting to

Thursday due to hall availability leaving the closest meeting on

Tuesday in St.Catharines or Stoney Creek.


The founding members of the 2x4 realizing the importance of the open Tuesday decided to find a meeting place. The only place available to them was this Church (the First Baptist Church,

Beamsville)   The church welcomed us with open arms and went out of their way to help us set started. This group would certainly like to thank Mr & Mrs. Keith McIntyre for their help and support over the years.


When we approached Mr. McIntyre it was interestinq to learn that the oriqinal meetinq of A.A. in Beamsville was held at this Church, started up by Tommy D. many years aqo. This is probably the reason that there is a noticeable spiritual presence at this meetinq.


The group was not founded because of resentments or any spin off reason. It was founded because of a very big need, a need for us to share our experience, strength and hope and to carry this message to those who want it.


At the time of our birth there were many new members as well as many  members who did not have transportation, therefore it certainly had a good cause.


The original founders of this group were, Bill G. Len C., Howard B. Mel C. and John J.


Over the years this qroup has suffered qrowinq pains 1ike any other qroup. For many years it remained very sma11 but biq or sma11 it has been here and carried the messaqe.


Today the group has grown to approximately 80 members many who are very active. The group has always tried to work within the tradition to the best of their ability , Little By Little Keeping things Simple, One Day at a Time.




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